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Verizon BlackBerry Storm Review

Posted by sawaru | Category: Mobile Phone

blackberry-storm-handson It’s always hard to find the truth when there is so much hype.  Reviewers tend to put down devices if they get too much media and start niggling over problems. Since the touch screen is new, they find that it takes time to get used to it, while one notes that he loves it. One reviewer lost patience and said that although he was excited about the BlackBerry Storm, it has too many bugs and buyers should "wait out the storm."


They mention and like the brilliant beautiful screen, push email capabilities, and call quality. The compatibility with Microsoft Office products and ability to copy and paste are seen as useful.  The speaker phone, multimedia capabilities, sideloading of music, and camera were all well-rated.

So even though the BlackBerry Storm has more features than the iPhone, it hasn’t gotten a "wow" coolness reception, yet.  It’s like a new flavor of ice cream, it will take getting used to.  The original reviewers we cited in the first Review of Reviews of the BlackBerry Storm has gone from hot to luke-warm.  Since there is a shortage of the BlackBerry Storm, there is no rush to buy it, unless you decide you must have it.

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  1. Mr Monojit Biswas Says:

    Dear Friend Verizon Black Berry Storm after Review I have decision how I buying from you after I think send messege now I have a question please tell me it’s how much be cost.please sene me email I waiting for your repply

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