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Mintpad new meaning in Post-IT

Posted by sawaru | Category: Trend Watch & News

mintpad Now the Mintpad is in the market with pioneering new concept tablet notepad. – priced at $156.

The Mintpad is touchscreen wi-fi connectivity enabled which transforms the conventional note scribbling into digital aspect. Wi-Fi connectivity lets you play media player and web browser.

How does it work?

Simply jot your note on the Mintpad screen via stylus as it doesn’t have keyboard and they are transferred as it is to the recipient in a second. The limitation is that this can only send notes to other Mintpads.

Technical specification:

.    Screen: 320 x 240-pixel 2.9-inch screen with touchscreen
.    Camera: 1.3-megapixel cam,
.    Storage capacity: 4GB of memory with microSD extension,
.    Audio: built-in microphone and speakers
.    Battery Life: 30 hours estimated  
.    Weight: 3.2 ounce
.    Utilities: play music, browse internet, and make blogs via Wi-fi connection.
.    Stylus: Yes
.    Keyboard: No 

Source : Varalogic

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One Response to “Mintpad new meaning in Post-IT”

  1. Daniela Cordero Says:

    Hi mi name is Daniela, i work in mexico and I am an event planner, i have an event in october and I´m interested in knowing if i can buy de mint pad, to give like a present to the guest of the event, I would need some more information about the product and price.
    or if you have another touch screen product, not to expensive.
    I would need like 200 pieces or 300.

    Daniela Cordero

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