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Logitech Harmony 1100 a New Luxe Remote Control

Posted by sawaru | Category: Remote Control

Logitech-harmony-1100 Logitech announced a new top-of-the-line device on Tuesday at CES 2009: the Harmony 1100, which replaces last year’s Harmony 1000.

Much like the Editors’ Choice-winning Harmony One, the 1100 uses one-touch, activity-based control, so you can program the remote to perform all the steps required to watch TV, for example. One touch of the remote’s on-screen ‘Watch TV’ button switches the television to the correct input, turns on the cable box and the audio receiver, and does whatever else is required to watch your favorite show.

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Tags: , , Comments(0) January 2009

Pharos Traveler 137 GPS Navigation

Posted by sawaru | Category: GPS Navigation & Guidance System

Pharos_Traveler_137_nav_screen_for_Web_original Pharos Science & Applications offers a different type of pay-as-you-go service on its unlocked GPS-enabled Windows Mobile smart phones: Initially, U.S. maps and service are free, but you must pay for access to maps of Canada, Western Europe, or Eastern Europe at the rate of $2 per day, $5 per week, $7 per month, or $50 per year. (Pharos says that it will soon offer maps of China, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil on the same terms.)

Once you obtain the maps you need (a step that does require a network connection), nothing more is tied to network coverage. Instead, the maps and location-based services are available only for the period of access you pay for. During that period, however, the unit is fully functional as a GPS navigation device, capable of generating routes and identifying your location, regardless of whether you have got a cell phone signal. And because Pharos’s phones are sold unlocked, you can use them on any GSM-based network.

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Tags: , , , , Comments(0) January 2009

Verizon BlackBerry Storm Review

Posted by sawaru | Category: Mobile Phone

blackberry-storm-handson It’s always hard to find the truth when there is so much hype.  Reviewers tend to put down devices if they get too much media and start niggling over problems. Since the touch screen is new, they find that it takes time to get used to it, while one notes that he loves it. One reviewer lost patience and said that although he was excited about the BlackBerry Storm, it has too many bugs and buyers should "wait out the storm."


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Tags: , Comments(1) December 2008

Samsung 400TS Touchable TV

Posted by sawaru | Category: Home Appliance, TV


The Samsung 400TSn is 40-inch touchscreen display that support touch-sensitive infrared technology. It boast 3000:1 contrast ratio as well as four types anti-image retention that automatically active.

Samsung 400TSn equipped with built-in two 10W speakers along with 3mm protective LCD glass panel. It provide MagicInfo-Pro Software and integrated PC that running Windows XPe operation system. No words when Samsung 400TSn will be available and how much it cost.

Tags: , Comments(0) November 2008

Mintpad new meaning in Post-IT

Posted by sawaru | Category: Trend Watch & News

mintpad Now the Mintpad is in the market with pioneering new concept tablet notepad. – priced at $156.

The Mintpad is touchscreen wi-fi connectivity enabled which transforms the conventional note scribbling into digital aspect. Wi-Fi connectivity lets you play media player and web browser.

How does it work?

Simply jot your note on the Mintpad screen via stylus as it doesn’t have keyboard and they are transferred as it is to the recipient in a second. The limitation is that this can only send notes to other Mintpads.

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Tags: Comments(1) November 2008

Samsung TL34HD

Posted by sawaru | Category: Digital Camera

samsung-tl34hd The Samsung TL34HD is a no hassle point-and-shoot. Thanks to its touchscreen interface, it’s one of the easiest compacts on the market to use. It has a 3.0-inch LCD that’s extraordinarily big for such a small camera, and its 28mm lens lets you squeeze plenty of information into wide-angle shots. We weren’t as enthusiastic over the LCD screen’s lackluster quality, and some might be underwhelmed by the 3.6x zoom. The video quality, even in high-definition 720p, was largely unusable for anything beyond YouTube. On the other hand, still-image quality was solid across the board, and the Samsung TL34HD gives you both full-auto and full-manual controls. If you need a lithe, thoroughly intuitive camera for landscapes and portraits, the TL34HD is an easy sell. Release: September 2008. Price: $300.

Pros: Small footprint, even with the lens fully extended. Solid image quality. Intuitive touchscreen.

Cons: Mediocre display quality. Subpar video quality.

Tags: Comments(0) November 2008

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic first touch screen phone

Posted by sawaru | Category: Mobile Phone

nokia-5800-xpressmedia-tube Nokia’s first touchscreen-equipped cellphone, the music-playing 3G 5800 XpressMusic, is due in the fourth quarter in Europe, but a North American edition isn’t planned for U.S. availability until sometime next year, a spokesman said.

Another version of the phone, due in Europe early next year at an unannounced price, will deliver free one-year

Nokia’s 5800 XpressMusic phone

access to Nokia’s soon-to-launch Comes With Music service, which allows one year of free unlimited over-the-air downloading of protected-WMA music tracks from the catalogs of the big four music labels (Warner, Sony/BMG, EMI and Universal) and independents. Tracks downloaded during that time can be kept after the year is up, and additional songs can be purchased after that time on an a la carte basis from Nokia’s Music Store. Consumers can also download Comes With Music songs to their PC and side-load them to the phone, a spokesman said.

The service launches in mid-October in the U.K. with compatibility on select Nokia phones, but the company hasn’t announced plans to launch the service in the U.S.

The company also hasn’t said whether the 5800, a GSM/W-CDMA HSDPA (high-speed downlink packet access) phone, will be sold in the U.S. through carriers or, as an unlocked phone, direct to retailers or consumers.

In Europe, the 4.31-inch by 2.04-inch by 0.61-inch, 3.85-ounce phone will sell for around 279 euros, or $368 based on an exchange rate of $1.38 per euro, excluding carrier subsidies.

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Tags: , , , , Comments(0) October 2008

Nokia 7700 was just the first stab

Posted by sawaru | Category: Mobile Phone, Trend Watch & News

Today, however, Nokia is trying to play catch-up with the likes of Samsung and more notably, Apple with its iPhone. Both have touchscreen products in the marketplace while Nokia’s version could be released by the end of the year.

The Finnish company’s first stab at the touchscreen format was in 2003 with the Nokia 7700 series which was later discontinued. Local pricing and availability would be revealed closer to launch date in the first quarter next year, a company spokesperson said.

Rumored Atila from Motorola

Posted by sawaru | Category: Mobile Phone

Motorola-atilaMotorola’s latest  much-rumored smartphone, currently named "Atila," has had images of it supposedly leaked to the public. Designed as a device to compete directly with the iPhone, it features a touchscreen, 3G support and will run Windows Mobile.

The device reportedly will feature quad-band GSM/EDGE along with tri-band UMTS/HSPA, making it ideally suited for use overseas or on AT&T and Rogers in North America. The device will not support T-Mobile USA’s 3G rollout, only the carrier’s existing 2.5G network.

Atila will supposedly run on a Qualcomm 7201A processor, speed unknown but likely in the 400 MHz range.

Its 2.8 inch QVGA touchscreen will be its only means of input, lacking a hardware keyboard or numeric keypad. This is a big part of what separates it from the Motorola Alexander, a similar model that was recently leaked.

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Nintendo DS Lite double touch face

Posted by sawaru | Category: Games & Console

Nintendo_DSThe current Nintendo DS Lite only has a touchscreen on the bottom half of the handheld and the top display is just a regular screen. By expanding the touchy-feel experience to the second display, Nintendo may be able to better create Brain Age-like titles and other interactive adventures. The other rumor is that both screens will get a little bigger too.

Don’t get your hopes up too far just yet, though, because there’s no way we’re seeing a new DS before the holiday season. Even the optimistic among us are looking at an "early next year" launch window.

via Mobilemag

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